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Latisha Coleman or “Tish” is a 3-dimensional painter and freelance graphic designer in Winston-Salem, NC. 


About 4 years ago, Tish found herself drawn back to producing the art that she was most passionate about. Finding the flexibility to create again, Tish says that her art reflects herself—and the most influential people in her life. Tish credits her family as a source of influence on her work, whom describes as, “powerful individuals, who have sacrificed, provided and instilled the importance of God and family.” 


Influenced by African and African American culture, her work combines the various relationships between sculpture and canvas art. Her entire collection entitled, “The Queen - King Series,” features 3-dimensional portraits of black women and men, celebrating their truths, strengths and beauty.


Through the exploration of various mediums and textures, Tish works to convey a message of strength, beauty, and resilience by utilizing 3 dimensional additions to each piece. She uses the inclusion of human hair extensions,  African print fabrics, hair jewelry, scrap paper, floral arrangements as well as wire.


With these elements she can create not only a 3- dimensional presence but individualism, originality, uniqueness and an undeniable unity between each piece. It is her aspiration that her art imparts a sense of solitude and celebration for all people of color.

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